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The Seven Principles

IKE – Awareness (Be Aware)

The World is what you think is it

This is the cornerstone principle of Huna, and it means that you create your own personal experience of reality through your beliefs, expectations, attitudes, desires, fears, judgements, feelings and consistent or persistent thoughts and actions.  This principle also contains the idea that by changing your thinking you can change your world.

KALA – Freedom (Be Free)

 There are no limits

 There are no real boundaries between you and your body, you and other people, you and the world, or you and God.  Any divisions used for discussion are terms of function and convenience.  In other worlds, separation is only a useful illusion.  An additional meaning of this principle is that there are unlimited potentials for creativity.  You can create, in some form or another, anything you can conceive.

MAKIA – Concentration (Be Focused)

Energy flows where attention goes

The thoughts and feelings that you dwell on form the blueprint for bringing into your life the nearest available equivalent experience to those same thoughts and feelings.  Directed attention is the channel for the flow of biological as well as cosmic energy.

MANAWA – Persistance (Be here)

Now is the moment of power

You are not bound by any experience of the past, nor by any perception of the future.  You have the power in the present moment to change limiting beliefs and consciously plant the seeds for a future of your choosing.  As you change your mind you change your experience, and there is no real power outside of you, for God is within.  You are free to the degree that your realise this and act upon it.  

ALOHA – Love (Be happy)

To love is to be happy with

The universe exists because of love, in its aspects of being and becoming.  Human beings exist because of love, even when they don’t acknowledge it.  When they do acknowledge love, they are happy as they are and happy in becoming more.  In Huna, love involves the creation of happiness.  It is not just a side effect.  Everything works better, when this principle is followed consciously.  For very practical reasons, then, love is the only ethic needed in Huna.

MANA – Confidence (Be confident)

 All power comes from within

As mentioned above, there is no power outside of you because the power of God, or the Universe, works through you in your life.  You are the active channel for that power — your choices and decisions direct it.  No other person can have power over you or your destiny unless you decide to let him or her have it.

PONO – Wisdom (Be positive)

Effectiveness is the measure of truth 

In an infinite universe, which Huna postulates, there cannot be an absolute truth.  Instead, there must be an effective truth at an individual level of consciousness.  This principle is an utterly practical one which allows you to organise and act upon information in the most suitable way for the purpose at hand, so that “facts” do not get in the way of effectiveness.  Any organisation of the same knowledge is seen as convenient, not factual, because a different organisation of the same knowledge could be just as valid for other purposes.  Another way of saying this is that all systems are arbitrary, so feel free to use what works

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