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About KaHuna Bodyworks

KaHuna Bodyworks School of Massage and Energy Healing

Vicki Kalailapo has been involved in the Massage, Reiki and Healing industries since the late 1980's as an international therapist and trainer.   In the 90's she was the sole proprietor of Body 'n' Soul Connection Day Spa in Sydney, Australia.  Since 2002, Vicki Kalailapo has been the Founder/Teacher for KaHuna Bodyworks School of Massage and Energy Healing, providing international accredited training in several massage styles and healing modalities.  Her clients include TAFE Colleges, Day Spas, doctors, physiotherapists, business owners and people simply wanting a career change.

She has also been a contract provider with a team of 20 massage & beauty therapists at The Vines Novotel and currently has a team of therapists offering treatments throughout Perth's suburbs and the Margaret River Region of Western Australia.

The Healing Hut, Margaret River

New Training Centre, Mullaloo - click images to enlarge The Healing Hut (previously the Nu'e Lani Training Centre in Perth, Western Australia) is now based in Margaret River, the Southwest Tourist Region of Western Australia and also operates from the northern suburbs of Perth.

Retreats take place at:

  • Ubud, Bali
  • Margaret River
    New Training Centre, Mullaloo - click images to enlarge

Certified Training is suitable for use in salons & spas, for personal use, great for small business set up and also as extension studies or a pre-requisite for Diploma students in Remedial Massage or Holistic Studies.

KaHuna Bodyworks not only provides workshops and courses but also treatments which are performed at the centre daily.  Once a month student clinics, provide half price treatments. 
Appointments may be arranged by email or phone 0438 700 122.

Refer to Services for information and pricing.


Your Facilitator, Vicki Kalailapo

Mahalo, (thank you) for making the time to read our website. I have given you a little background on the business establishment, now I would like to share with you a little about myself.

I was drawn by spirit to receive and study KaHuna Bodywork, after having had, an extensive background in Sports Massage & Beauty Therapy, for many years. This awakened the seeds of my origins with my Hawaiian ancestors to come alive and grow from within. My KaHuna training began in 2002. One day I met a Polynesian who said to me, “the only way to learn a traditionally art is to go directly to the source”. I then continued my spiritual journey to the beautiful islands of Oahu and Kauai. I was blessed with training which involved a greater connection with the Hawaiian culture, tradition and beauty of the islands.

In addition to my Huna studies, Reiki Mastership and extensive bodywork background, I have also the knowledge and experience in Counselling, Transactional Analysis, NLP, Psych-K, Bush Flower Essences, White Light Essences, Spiritual Healing, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Colour, Sound & Crystal Healing, Tarot, Astrology & Numerology.

I have also found that the Native Hawaiians, Kahunas are strongly influenced by the use of Medicinal Herbs. With the interest of this also, this has led me to study a Diploma of Herbal Medicine and studies with various Healers and Medicine Women in the Philippines.

Huna Philosophy, Hawaiian Shamanism and Bodywork being my passion, I believe that the bringing together of the Body, Mind and Spirit is the key to a happy, successful and healthy life.

The operation of the school, KaHuna Bodyworks Est. 2002 School of Massage and Energy Healing, is successfully co-ordinated from our head office and Training Centre in Margaret River. On-site training is available for Day Spas and Beauty Salons in conjunction with our sister company AssesSpa. Go to for more information.

The centre is also offers Reiki Clinics for practitioners wanting to practice and receive Reiki. Go to the Services menu for more information.
The Agency, KaHuna Bodyworks ie our Ohana (family of massage therapists) are situated around various suburbs north and south of the river in Perth. Our Therapists operate from home clinics and also provide mobile massage. Corporate Masseurs are available for stress relief in offices, school administration and for special events including Expos and Festivals.

I am very pleased to say that Ka Huna Bodyworks has evolved over the years through a lot of hard work and also a lot of fun times. I thank all my workshop participants and our team for all their great efforts. Without all of you, Ka Huna Bodyworks would not be what it is today.

Hope to see you all at the centre.

Aloha nui loa (much love), Vicki Kalailapo


One of the most delightful occasions and blessed moments during our spiritual journey here on mother earth are the times when we are given a name from Sentient beings or Ascended masters

One such moment that will always stay in my heart was the naming ceremony of my good friend and sister Vicki Marshall

One night I dreamt of being in a spiritual airship with a small group of people Hawaiian energy of unconditional love compassion and knowledge embraced all those who were aboard including myself and the strong powerful essence of the sea emanated through our beings to gently tune us into the ebb and flow of Pacific awareness

A Polynesian gentleman sat next to me and introduced himself as a boat carver

He was youthful looking though as he spoke I could tell he was ancient in wisdom

This boat carver was a Kahuna

Placing enlightened knowledge into every boat he prepared with carvings of spiritual grace to assist whoever would take ownership on its completion

He pointed to the bow and placed his hands together as if in prayer then parting his palms so only the finger tips were touching he gently said

All Creation heads to the Po

I woke from my dream feeling reverence and humbleness

The next few days I kept hearing those same words over and over so I decided to look for more information on the Hawaiian Kahunas and the word Po

Knowing Vicki is well versed with extensive knowledge on this pathway I knew she could shed some light on the word Po

We spoke with great merriment and curious wonder as we always do exchanging words at a rapid pace at the excitement of this dreamtime being passed on I had not placed her email address on my contacts so while speaking to her on the phone I went into contacts and started typing in her information

When I got to the section of inserting a nick name for her I suddenly stopped and took my hands off the keyboard

To my amazement letters started appearing and I realised I was witnessing the spiritual naming of Vicki from the Kahuna Masters of ancient times

I could hear the tapping of the keyboard though no keys were moving

One by one the letters formed to complete her first name

My heart had moved up into my throat and after a couple of

Oh My God

I quickly related this happening to Vicki over the phone

We were indeed on an ascended rush as the first name to appear was Kalaila

Feeling it was incomplete I placed myself back into the dream and remembered Po

Yes this was the second name Kalaila Po

There was a need to cement this spiritual name into the physical during our conversation

Vicki mentioned she was thinking of returning to her maiden name

At this point the wave of syncronisation gently placed us on the sandy shores of physical reality as Vicki explained it was Woodhead

Kalaila (Love & Harmony) Po (Direction / the Source) Woodhead (Bow of Canoe) had finally come to be taking her place along side the Kahunas of Hawaii who have travelled before her

Being Polynesian myself we have our waka our canoes

On the bow of the waka we place a wooden carving of one of our ancient ancestors to safely steer us to our destination

Kia ora Kalailapo Woodhead

Haere mai Haere mai


(Note: it is common for channelled writings to have no punctuation.  Hence,  no full stops or commas.)

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Vicki Marshall is a member of several organisations (listed below) which she finds very helpful and resourceful. You too can be a member also, by clicking on the following web sites.


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