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KaHuna Bodywork

KaHuna Bodywork consists not only of massage but also includes Hawaiian Shamanism and Hula.  Also known as Hawaiian Temple Style massage or Lomi Lomi, it originates in the Polynesian Islands.  In ancient times in Hawaii, it was passed from generation to generation through Kahuna (master practitioner) or priestly ties.  It was performed in the Heiau (temples) as rites of passage into new realms of life. 

Hawaiian Bodywork is the loving connectedness between the practitioner and the client.  The practitioner opens up his heart to connect with the soul of the recipient.  Its ancient technique is delivered through rhythmical arm and hand movements.  Described as a nurturing, grounding and energetic experience, it can be known as the “Loving Hands” massage. 

A healthy body exists when the body’s life force energy is free flowing.  When that energy is blocked or restricted for an extended period, illnesses can occur.  During a massage, it is beneficial for the recipient, as well as the practitioner, to focus their attention on their breath.  Each breath provides new energy (mana) and inspiration into the body and mind.  Therefore exhalation of breath dissolves tension, letting go of the old.  When letting go of anything that limits you, you are deepening your experience of relaxation and allowing the new to come through. 

KaHuna massage recharges energy and creates a balance between the conscious and subconscious.  This in-depth bodywork not only produces a profound healing effect for the recipient — at the same time it energises the practitioner.


Huna Philosophy

Huna way of life and philosophy teaches that the key to living a fulfilled life lies in the awakening and integration of the subconscious mind, conscious mind and super conscious/higher self. 


Subconscious / The Lower Self / Unihipili

The lower self centres in the solar plexus.  This is where our thought forms and emotional patterns are retained.  We retain all memories.  The lower self carries out all commands and serves the social self.  It is the goal achiever and the completer.  This is the shadow and is the part that gathers the sacred Mana, the power that is used to create.  Unihipili is the Nature Spirit. Role plays of the subconscious self are student, servant, child, the programmed.


Conscious Self / The Middle Self / Uhane

The middle self centres in the head.  Uhane has thoughts and feelings, though a short term memory.  It has free choice and is the decision maker.  The middle self is the decision maker and has the power of will.  Uhane sets goals.  It is the inititator and the Human Spirit.

Role plays of the conscious self are teacher, master, parent, programmer. 


Superconscious / The High Self / Aumakua

The High Self is two in one, the great parent, both male and female.  It is everything that unihipili and uhane are, and much more.  It is a self that is above our level of understanding, so we have to take a lot of information about it on faith until we begin to experience communication with it

 It is the most intelligent self of your three selves.  It can be called our divine potential because “akau” means “possessing the attributes of god". 


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