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KaHuna Bodywork

This Ancient form of bodywork is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms in broad flat strokes, soothing out tensions. Often described as feeling like gentle waves moving over the body. Under body and full body strokes also help to free the energy and to promote an abundant flow of life energy in the body of the recipient. Practitioner will always connect with spirit before and after treatment to ask for a blessing during the healing. The masseuse then works very intuitively with the needs of the recipient's body and soul. Crystals may be used to enhance the healing.


Hawaiian Pregnancy Massage

A free flowing, relaxing massage consisting of gentle movements giving relief to lower back pain, back and shoulders and aching legs. As you lie on your side, your tummy and baby are supported by several cushions whilst you drift of to sleep with candle burning and serene music playing in the background.

Swedish Massage

This type of massage is also referred to as Relaxation Massage. The technique employs light to moderate pressure designed to relax the muscles, improve circulation, soothe the nervous system and reduce the stress in our lives.


Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy may be used to counter the stresses of modern life, treat specific health problems and is a wonderful treatment to help relieve many symptoms experienced during pregnancy.
Personal blends are made for each treatment.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage consists of careful selection, placement and application of specific basalt stones. The practitioner becomes onewith the energy of the stones enabling the stone to guide the massage. When performing a Hot Stone Massage, the client is commonly known to feel absolutely balanced, comforted and cradled in all the right places. The stones seem to know where they are needed and for how long in a particular position. Aches and pains are almost absorbed, making the client be at one with the stones, not knowing that they are there.

The body craves the warmth and the movement of deeper healing energies can be experienced along with releases of emotional issues that may have been held on to for a length of time.




Reiki helps to heal body, mind and spirit. It does this by accelerating the body’s own ability to heal itself physically and by opening the mind to the emotional and spiritual causes of disease and pain. The flow of energy is experienced mostly as heat by both the person channeling the energy and those receiving, but it may also be experienced as a fine tingling, a tremor, and in cases of extreme need a deep chill. Most people having a Reiki treatment become aware of tension dropping away while the ever chattering mind becomes still. This gives rise to a deep sense of relaxation and an overall sense of well being.


Reiki Distant Healing

Do you know of somebody who is on need of some healing energy?

Email me their full name, town/postcode and country they reside in.
The Reiki Energy is sent every Wednesday from 10am until 12pm.
Let your friend or family member know that the healing is being sent. It is more beneficial if they are relaxing with no television on, when this healing takes place.
Ask them for feedback on how they felt during the session.

This is a FREE service !!


Mana Balancing with Counselling

Mana Balancing consists of re-aligning and balancing your energy centres.  This is performed  using breathwork, energy, a card reading, flower essences, aura cleansing, colour therapy and intuitive insight.  Blockages on all conscious levels will be released.  Reminding you of your soul’s purpose, giving you a clear direction in life.
Kalaila Po also known as Vicki, works with her Kahuna Master Spirit Guide - Mokeha and other Ascended Masters.


Crystal / Sound Healing

Firstly a ceremonial smudging is performed.  You are then scanned for blockages within the body and then encased in a grid of crystals.  Whilst the crystals clear away blockages and your body is brought back into balance, you are bathed in the beautiful ancient sounds of Tibetan bowls, Timshas and the Native American Hoop Drum.
A total rebalancing of Body, Mind and Spirit.
Clearing, grounding, energising and very empowering.


DETOX Foot Spa

Toxins accumulate in our bodies through exposure to the air around us and the effects of things like stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol and diet.

Detox treatments with a detox foot spa unit helps to eliminate these  toxins which usually results in people feeling better than they did before the detox.

There are 2,000 pores in the soles of the feet, through which your body can release toxins.

A detox foot spa unit helps speed up this natural detox process.

Bush Flower Essences

Using the healing properties of flower essences is an ancient art, spanning many cultures. Flower essences are safe and powerful catalysts that anyone can use. Not only do they bring clarity to the conscious mind and develop many intuitive abilities, they also resolve negative beliefs and directly affect us at the level where we make decisions about our emotions, health, vitality and relationships. Flower essences unlock our inherent positive qualities such as love, courage and joy.


White Light Essences

White Light Essences are brought through by Spirit to help us invoke and access the realm of Nature and Spirit within ourselves, so as to more fully explore and understand our spirituality and fulfil our highest potential.

These essences are most beneficial for those of you who, on their spiritual journey, want to understand more about themselves and their soul beliefs.



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